AN ELECTRICAL fault caused a blaze that ripped through a Hampshire church, it has been revealed this afternoon according to Firefighters battled to save the St Andrews Church in Timsbury after a fire broke out yesterday. The blaze ripped into the roof and bell tower but swift action saved around half of the roof of the Norman church in Manor Road. The alarm was raised at about 7.30am and crews with six pumps took an hour to quell the flames. Now fire investigators have concluded that the fire was started by an electrical problem. Firefighters were earlier back at the church for the second time in two days. Two crews from Romsey returned after smoke was spotted coming from the roof by a passerby at 10.30am. They were at the scene and used a hose and cut away material to prevent further fire.

Most buildings, including churches should have a fire risk assessment completed by a competent person by law which would be used to identify fire risks within the building. This should consider whether the building has had an inspection of the main electrical system.

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