A landlord has pleaded guilty to six charges relating to breaches of Fire Safety legislation after providing sleeping accommodation for up to 16 people above a Boughton pub.

56-year-old Carmel Heathcote, the licensee at The Harrow Inn on Tuxford Road, was committed to Crown Court for sentencing by Mansfield Magistrates Court after offering six guilty pleas to fire safety offences.

The offences included a failure to provide the premises with adequate fire-fighting equipment, detectors and alarms, failure to review the Fire Risk Assessment, and failure to ensure that people could evacuate the premises as quickly and safety as possible in the event of an emergency.

Fire protection officers from Notts Fire and Rescue Service also found a failure to supply appropriate emergency lighting and a lack of fire safety training for staff.

Magistrates concluded that the offences were so serious that their sentencing powers were insufficient and therefore committed the case to Crown Court for sentencing on 13th August at Nottingham Crown Court.

A spokesperson for Notts Fire and Rescue Service said: ““We take breaches of the legislation extremely seriously and will take the appropriate action against anyone found to be in breach of regulations and where people are at risk.”


Source: Gainsborough Standard