Fire & Rescue service imageImplementing a fire risk assessment is essential for the health and safety of not only your workforce but the safety of the building and its surrounding environment. Whether your company has 5 or 500 employees an assessment should be taken out by the Duty Holder. Although the Duty Holder of the premises can carry out an assessment it is recommended that a competent assessor should be appointed to ensure that any risks are minimised or negated.

The main areas that need to be covered are;

  • Identify any flammable substances that are part of your space. Do you use glue for example in your industry? There are many sources that you may not be aware of that are foundations for ignition. Paper is an obvious one, but waste paper baskets, some inks, paints and other liquids that are used on a daily basis can have hazardous risks attached to them. They must all be stored appropriately.
  • Look for any procedures that your business undertakes that could cause a fire to start. Computers and the wires can get hot, especially if there are overloaded extension leads or daisy chained extensions. Electrical equipment and power leads can be prime causes of fires.
  • Consider your escape routes.
  • Are you employees at risk? Make sure that you have a coherent fire plan that all of your staff know and understand. Have an exit strategy clearly in mind and know how to implement this quickly and safely if a fire does start.

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