Having proper fire doors in place is an important element in reducing the danger of fire, and fines for failing to install adequate fire door protection are increasing.

Last year, the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) said that an increased number of prosecutions were as a result of building owners failing in their duty to install proper fire doors. The most common offenders were landlords renting out flats above shops, and premises housing multiple occupants.

Fire door image

Failing to abide by fire regulations can lead to prison, and courts are handing out ever longer sentences and higher fines for putting the safety of occupants and employees at risk. Fines of up to £50,000 have been imposed, along with sentences of up to two years.

Fire doors can and do save lives. Not only do they help prevent the fire spreading, but as smoke inhalation is one of the most significant dangers caused by fire, fire doors help stop smoke penetrating other areas of a building.

The major problems found with fire doors include:

  • Defective doors
  • Lack of self-closing devices
  • Lack of smoke seals
  • Lack of certification

So if you already have existing fire doors, you should complete the checks below. Remember, however, that a fire risk assessment will help you identify ALL the risks and hazards associated with fire in your premises, not just problems with fire doors.

  • Ensure seals aren’t damaged or missing and that the door closes around the frame in all areas
  • Make sure they’re certified
  • Check the closing mechanism works
  • Check the door isn’t warped or twisted