LFB imageFire deaths are falling in the UK. Figures published this August by the government show that death as a result of fire is 6% down on last year’s statistics. Improved safety measures and greater awareness about the dangers of fire are the main reasons behind this good news.

The Role of the Fire Risk Assessor

If you run a company and employ more than five people, the government says you have to nominate a person to be responsible for fire safety within your company. A fire risk assessment is the method of determining how to keep your employees safe during a fire. The risk assessor will:

  • Make a note of any fire hazards
  • Remove these hazards, where possible
  • Prepare a plan that should be implemented in case of a fire
  • Record any findings from the fire risk assessment
  • Make sure that these assessments are carried out regularly

Making Everyone Aware of Where to Go in Case of a Fire

People panic in a fire. With smoke billowing throughout the building, flames, and the sounds of glass shattering, a fire can be a frightening experience. Therefore, it’s essential that all members of staff are aware of the alarms and fire exits, and that fire drills are carried out on a regular basis. This means that if a fire does break out, everyone will know where to go and what to do.

Talking about the new statistics, Mark Francis MP said: “People are safer than ever before.” Fire risk assessment helps save lives.