Thanks to Volkswagen for developing this brilliant commercial that has sentiments that apply equally to fire risk assessment – you get exactly what you pay for. The purpose of the fire risk assessment is to provide building owners, managers and occupiers with advice to keep them and their building safe from fire and if a fire situation occurs that all appropriate measures are in place to limit the effect on occupants, the building and the business as well as it being a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Fire risk assessments shouldn’t be viewed as a commodity where it all comes down to price. When they are tacked on as free alongside other services such as asbestos survey or legionella reports we can only guess how skilled and knowledgeable the assessor must be and how good the advice is.

Our team are experienced and knowledgeable fire safety professionals with many fire risk assessments in their portfolios on buildings as varied as hospitals, blocks of flats, restaurants, shops and even a Polo yard!

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