South Wales firefighters have warned that a recycling plant blaze could see asbestos released into the nearby area, reports.

The SiteServe Recycling Centre at Llandow Trading Estate near Cowbridge was reported to be on fire at 7:20pm on Tuesday. Whilst the fire is somewhat isolated, the blaze could prove to be a particularly troublesome one as it is understood the roof contains asbestos.

Not only that, firefighters have warned that it could burn for two days in total before finally being extinguished. As such, anyone within a two mile radius has been advised to keep all their doors and windows shut tightly to avoid potentially harmful spores from getting into homes.

Fire services are currently damping the blaze, whilst air quality samples are being taken from the immediate vicinity and surrounding areas.

The blaze is now thought to be under control, following the efforts of some 23 engines which were in attendance. Six of the 23 have remained on site to continue working on the plant.

In a statement released to, South Wales Police said: “The premises ablaze has asbestos in the roof, and as a precautionary measure, residents within a two mile radius, particularly in the direction of Llantwit Major and Southerndown, are requested to keep their doors and windows closed.”