The recent prosecution of the Oasis Lounge in Manchester has highlighted the danger to the public when a bar owner doesn’t abide by the law. The bar had a marquee in its grounds with flammable curtains and apparently ‘the Oasis Lounge’s only fire exit was blocked by barrels of red diesel.’

Fire can be Prevented

Many fires are caused by stupidity or carelessness. For example, when you are moving into a new property always pay attention to the fuse board. Last year the London Fire Brigade stated that: ‘five London house fires a week are caused by fuse boards.’ Following pressure from the authority, new laws introduced in January 2015 mean that UK properties have to be fitted with fireproof fuse boards.

The legislation doesn’t take into account older properties, so it does pay to hire professionals to check that your fuse board is in order.

Charging Your Gadgets

Battery chargers for mobile phones, laptops, mp3 players, and all other types of electronic wizardry frequently come under the spotlight. If the chargers in use are those provided by the gadgets’ manufacturer they will have passed all of the EU safety protocols. The problems occur when people buy their chargers from online bargain sites or from market stalls.

Generic battery chargers are wired using ‘sub standard components and none meet with the safety requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations Act 1994,’ according to the charity, Electrical Safety First.

It’s important never to cut corners as far as electrical goods are concerned. It’s better to spend a few pounds more and ensure your fire safety.