The Walkie-Talkie skyscraper in London has been reflecting sunlight in a manner that has been starting fires.

Developers of the new building have planned crisis meetings after several complaints from residents near the building in Fenchurch Street.

Ali Akay, who owns a nearby barber shop, had his doormat set on fire as a result of these reflected sun rays.

Speaking to, he said: “We were working and just saw the smoke coming out of the carpet. We tried to cut the fire down, there were customers in at the time and they were obviously not happy. Customers are not going to come in if there is a fire in the front of the door.”

Fire risk assessors may be needed to help find a solution to this problem, especially as the sun rays have also melted parts of a number of vehicles parked in the area.

Eddie Cannon, who suffered damage to his Vauxhall Vivaro, was understandably upset.

He told “The van looks a total mess – every bit of plastic on the left hand side and everything on the dashboard has melted, including a bottle of Lucozade that looks like it has been baked.” 

Three parking bays in the area have been suspended whilst the developers think up a solution.