Property management companies tend to deal with a great variety of different building types, which have very different shapes, sizes and fire risks. The risk of fire in an apartment building is clearly very different to that in a school or a managed office block, and so the fire management procedures will be equally diverse.

Most overlooked points

Points with regard to fire safety that are commonly overlooked by private management companies include fire evacuation procedures, fire evacuation drills, and fire safety maintenance

Fire evacuation procedures and drills

Fire evacuation procedures are a common problem in buildings where a comprehensive fire policy is held by the property management company and its workers, but that policy is unknown to the building’s other users! If not dealt with, this could cause serious problems in the event that a real evacuation due to fire has to take place. It is crucial to make certain that everyone who uses the building is aware of the fire procedure, including where to assemble, and fire exit routes. To address this problem, fire evacuation drills should be carried out, preferably not pre-announced. This is the most effective manner of testing out the emergency plan, and those chosen to implement it.

Fire safety maintenance

It is necessary to test and inspect fire safety equipment periodically, and there should be a system of records kept to demonstrate this compliance. These tests should be carried out by a competent and qualified caretaker, tenant or other individual. Tests should be made weekly or monthly at the maximum.

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