Over 40 firefighters were called to help fight a blaze across a large area of trees and woodland in Shropshire on Wednesday 10th.

The fire, that started at 8pm on Wednesday 10th, in Grinshill Woods quickly turned into a very dangerous blaze that required over 40 firefighters from across Shropshire to help extinguish it.

The main cause for concern was nearby houses, that could have caught fire if it wasn’t for firefighters defending them.

According to shropshirelive.com, only one firefighter received minor injuries after falling at the scene and was taken to hospital.

Andy Johnson from Shropshire Fire and Rescue service said: “One of the biggest issues has been the location…we couldn’t get fire engines all the way up the hill so we used 4×4 vehicles, which was also difficult in the dark,” reports bbc.co.uk.

He added: “Now, in the daylight, we’re going to make a concerted effort to put the fire out but the dry weather conditions aren’t helping us.”

It is unknown how the fire began but it is likely the dry weather conditions are the reason why it spread to fast throughout the woods.

Shropshire fire services expects to remain at the scene until Thursday night (11th) as it continues to put out the fire and make sure it won’t relight.