Electric heater fireFire deaths are caused by a variety of dangerous hazards, electrical equipment is a leading cause, damaged wiring, switches, circuits and circuit breakers can all be factors. Here are a few top tips to remember and look out for when keeping your environment fire safe.

  • Make sure any cords that are frayed or loose are destroyed or replaced on all electrical devices.
  • If an electrical outlet ever feels warm to the touch then turn it off immediately and call a qualified electrician.
  • Never run extension leads underneath rugs or carpet or near doorways, try and avoid using them if necessary.
  • Never overload an electrical socket, try and use one appliance to each socket at a time.
  • If a circuit breaker fuses consistently or trips the electricity then it could mean that there are too many appliances running from it. Older homes do not have the modern wiring that new homes offer, so always make sure that circuits and electrics are checked regularly.
  • Air space is important too, make sure that there is enough space around all of the electrics such as TVs, stereos and gaming machines to avoid any overheating that may occur.

Electrical fires can be caused by the failure of the electric system, so maintenance and checks should be undertaken. However many fires are caused by the poor maintenance and misuse of electrical appliances, bad wiring and installation as well as overloaded circuits and extension leads.