It’s a common thing to hear a child say “I wanna be a fire fighter when I grow up”. It’s an adventurous and exciting career that’s right up there with secret agent and superhero. As many of us know, though, the career we aim for when we’re kids is often not what we end up doing when we’re all grown up. Well, your dream of being a fire fighter may no longer be on the table but you could still be a fire marshal.

Fire Marshals are the designated staff members assigned to oversee fire safety, and employers are legally required to ensure that the workplace has one – or more fire marshals in a larger building – on hand to observe fire safety precautions at all times.

A fire marshal’s role, among other things, includes fire prevention and knowing how to use fire extinguishers correctly, checking that all exits are easily accessible and not blocked in any way and making sure that fire alarms are in working order and are not obscured by anything.

To become a fire marshal, you need to get certified by completing a course that will give you a grounding and practical training in fire safety and prevention. The certification you get will be valid for three years and will give you a theoretical grounding in fire safety, prevention and basic fire fighting and a practical grounding through simulations conducted during the course.

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