Fire regulations for furniture and furnishings in rented properties are strict. Landlords have what is known as a ‘common law’ duty to ensure that their property is kept hazard free for the health, safety and wellbeing of their tenants. Smoke alarms, fire detection devices, carbon monoxide alarms, fire blankets and extinguishers should be made available to the tenants of any property. So what regulations does a landlord need to adhere too?

  • A landlord needs to make sure that any furniture and furnishings that are part of a tenancy agreement meet all fire regulations. For example all upholstered furniture must by law, be fire resistant. This includes sofas, armchairs, beds, headboards, mattresses, sofas, futons, nursery furniture, cushions, seat pads and any garden furniture that may be used indoors.
  • Fire resistant furniture always carries a symbol that endorses that it is resistant to fire.
  • Landlords have the option to allow smoking in their properties, however if this is not permitted then there will always be a clause in the tenancy agreement that clearly states this.
  • If smoking is acceptable then a landlord must always provide sufficient smoke alarms throughout the property.
  • New regulations under smoke free laws apply to all properties that have multiple occupancy. So it is important for a landlord to prohibit smoking in any communal area, this includes corridors, stairs and any rooms that are shared by the tenants. No smoking signs should be clearly displayed in all of these areas.