Around 1,500 partridges have died during a fire on a farm in Gloucestershire, causing local firefighters to remind people to store gas cylinders safely.

According to, ten propane gas cylinders caught fire at the farm in Aston Subedge. It is believed the fire started in a heater inside one of the eight buildings used to keep the birds in. It’s possible it over-heated and the fire was quickly spread to the other cylinders, causing a huge blaze.

Twelve firefighters were called to the scene to fight the fire, just before 7am this morning (5th August), reports The fire was fought using two jet reels and the firefighters stayed for an extra two hours to make sure the farm was safe and the fire wouldn’t start up again.

Commercial properties can prevent accidental fires by getting their property checked over. For example, fire risk assessment can help property owners know if they are storing items, such as gas cylinders, in a dangerous way, making them more aware of the fire risks.

Jon Hall, chief fire officer, said: “This was an unfortunate but devastating fire, which has resulted in significant loss for this farm. We would urge commercial premises to be very careful when storing propane gas cylinders and regularly check fixtures and fittings to prevent the worst from happening.”