Children and parents are being warned of the dangers of kids charging up their mobile phones on their beds, as it could result in the sheets catching fire. Research has shown that three out of every four youngsters in the United Kingdom potentially have fire hazards in their bedroom, with an average of ten electrical items per room.

53 percent of kids admit to leaving tablets, laptops or mobile phones on their beds while they are charging up, with another thirty eight percent even admitting to leaving them under pillows at nighttime. Charging electrical items on or close to beds causes a house fire safety risk to families, as devices left under pillows or surrounded by bedding have nowhere to dissipate the heat they generate.

Experts say that one of the biggest causes of house fires across the United Kingdom is from electrical items, but that many such incidents can be prevented. People need to take the time to make their sure electrical goods are safe, that plug sockets are never overloaded and that basic safety checks have been made around the house to make certain of electrical safety.

Smoke alarms should also be fitted and regularly tested, as they provide a vital warning of a fire which can give families time to get out of their home and save their lives. Experts also advise that people should unplug electrical items not in use, especially at bedtime. Laptops, mobile phones and tablets should also not be left to charge overnight.

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