The Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is warning residents about the risks of smoking indoors after smoking materials caused a fire in a flat in Grimsby.

According to, the fire has left ten people homeless, including the family who was living in the flat where the fire started.

Nikola Antusova and her two young children, two-year-old Jasmin and six-month-old Felip had to escape the flat after she discovered the fire in her bedroom.

Luckily, they were not harmed but the family have lost their possessions and their home.

Those who are concerned about the risk of fire in their own home might want to have a fire risk assessment done to ensure their home is as safe as possible.

Fire investigation officer at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Martin Cawkwell, said that the public should be mindful that smoking indoors can be very dangerous.

“As this happened during the day, one of the residents was able to react quickly when she smelt burning and managed to get everyone out of the property. However, had this incident occurred during the night, it could have been a very different outcome,” he said.

“This is an example of the devastating effects carelessly discarded smoking material can have.”

Unfortunately it is not uncommon to see fire caused by smoking materials, earlier this week (10th of September) an 80-year-old woman from Poole had to be rescued from a fire which was also caused by smoking materials, reports