If you are living, or are going to be moving to student accommodation, then it’s important to be aware of fire safety advice. No one wants to think that they will ever be in a fire, but if you ever find yourself in such a situation being aware of such pieces of advice could save your life; and some will help to prevent fires in the first place.

Fire safety tips

  • Make sure you have planned and practiced possible escape routes in the event of a fire
  • Make certain all cigarettes have been completely extinguished. All cigarette ends should be cold before ash trays are emptied into waste bins
  • Avoid overloading plug sockets and switch off all electrical appliances prior to bedtime
  • Fit a smoke alarm in all major areas of your accommodation
  • Never smoke cigarettes while in bed
  • If a fire does start, get out of the building and call the emergency services
  • Never cook after having drunk alcoholic beverages

Residence tips

If you live in halls of residence at the university, then there should already be an individual who has been appointed to take responsibility for fire safety. Any questions or concerns you have about the issue should be directed to that person. Never ignore alarms, pay attention when fire drills are held, and check on the college’s fire safety rules. Disabled students should inform responsible parties of their arrival, as they may need assistance in the event of a fire. Those in privately rented residences should ensure they have working smoke alarms fitted, and be aware of exit blockages and barred windows.

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