If you are the manager or owner of a business you have to take fire safety seriously. There are a number of things you can, and should, do to get the ball rolling in terms of assessing the fire hazards and risks in your building.

Identify Hazards – Potential ignition sources are those areas of heat that could ignite other materials. If you identify scorch marks on furniture and fittings, or plug sockets this is a sign or a previous near miss and you should investigate further. Understand how your building is made up in terms of flammable materials and where they are located.

Identify Who Is At Risk – Always know exactly how many staff members are present on site at any given time. If it isn’t a commercial store, have a sign in book for visitors. Also have in mind those individuals might struggle to evacuate quickly in an emergency and plan for the most vulnerable.

Remove Risks – Any risks that have been identified need to be either removed or remedied so that the risks are lowered significantly. If there is a higher risk of fire or a large quantity of people on the premises at any given time, you’ll need to consider a higher standard of fire risk management.

Record and Review – Whatever approach you do, make a note of every review and action to ensure there is full coverage of your approach for future use. Regularly review your fire safety to ensure the premises are safe and that you can tweak where required.

As a manager of a business it is your responsibility to ensure that your building complies with fire regulations and that your staff members are safe from harm. If you would like Source Fire to conduct a thorough fire risk assessment contact us today and we’ll be happy to start the process.