A good landlord should always make sure that the tenant’s safety is paramount. A recent case highlighted by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) revealed that a Leamington landlord was fined £10,744 by Nuneaton magistrates for disregarding fire safety rules and regulations.

Never Remove Fire Doors

The Fire Service and Warwick District Council took Mr Manjit Chingh to court following a fire at the house of multiple occupancy that he owned in Leamington. Following an inspection of the premises after the fire investigators found that Mr Chingh had removed fire doors from the kitchen. This action allowed the fire to spread from the kitchen right through the rest of the house.

Illegal Conversions should Never be Let to Tenants

The fire safety inspection also revealed that Mr Chingh had also converted a garage and a shed for occupancy. Nether building had any form of fire escape. Officers also discovered that fire alarms in the main house didn’t function. All landlords are supposed to carry out gas and electrical safety inspections in order to comply with the law. In court Mr Chingh couldn’t provide any evidence that a professional had checked his gas and electrical installations.

Smoke Inhalation

Thankfully Mr Chingh’s tenants’ managed to escape the blaze without major injury, though the tragedy could have ended very differently. All landlords must comply with relevant safety regulations in order to prevent fire and potential loss of life. Local authorities will always prosecute when a landlord breaks the law.

Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide alarms

Legislation is being introduced in October to make it a legal requirement for landlords of rented properties to have to fit smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection, contact us for free and impartial advice on 0203 478 7347 or use our online contact form.