Chip pan fireUnderstanding the importance of what a fire hazard is will save lives. Therefore fire prevention should be a top priority in your home. Cooking and kitchen equipment is the top cause of house fires. Here is a list of hazards to look out for and how to prevent them causing a fire.

  • It is important to keep your appliances clean such as stove surfaces and the oven. Old food that has spilled can catch alight easily.
  • Make sure your sleeves are either rolled up or they are tight fitting to stop any clothing dragging into a naked flame.
  • NEVER use water to extinguish a fire that has been caused by grease, a grease fire occurs if fatty foods have over heated and ignited. Water causes the grease to spatter which can allow the fire to spread. Never take the pan outside, it will be too hot, you could drop it and then cause a major house fire if it’s alight still.
  • Make sure that any flammable objects such as t-towels and curtains are at least three feet away from the oven or stove.
  • Microwaves should have enough room to breathe, so ensure that all the vents are cleared of any obstructions.
  • Always keep the microwave door shut if there is a fire within it, and unplug it.
  • If a fire starts in the oven, then keep the door closed and turn off the heat immediately. Call the fire service.