Office_sliderAs is also the case with employers, people who become landlords assume certain responsibilities when they take on that role, one of which involves fire safety and making sure that their properties are adequately protected. Fire safety is not just about supplying one or two fire extinguishers however; a lot depends on the different kinds of buildings involved as well as the possible risks. For instance, a building which holds just one tenant will inevitably be different from those that include various residential or even commercial lettings.

Fire Risk Assessments

One responsibility required of landlords by legislation in the United Kingdom is to undertake fire risk assessments in the common areas of all of their properties. Carrying out such assessments will make it easy to identify potential fire hazards as well as who is most likely to be at risk and decisions can then be made as to how to deal with that risk, be it reducing it, managing it or if possible even completely removing it.

It is also a legal requirement to have smoke detectors installed in certain types of properties. The requirements for fire detection and alarm systems can differ depending on the kind of property and advice from an independent source should alway be sought.

In large buildings with many tenants, there should be multiple exit points in the event of fire, as well as emergency lighting and signs. These should be tested, serviced and maintained on a regular basis, for advice on this and other fire safety requirements for landlords and block managers please contact us on 0203 478 7347 or using our online contact form.

Be sure you know your obligations as a landlord.