Impartial and pragmatic advice.

Impartial and pragmatic advice.

The recent anniversary of the Bradford Football Stadium fire has highlighted the importance of fire risk assessment. The Bradford fire was indeed an ‘accident waiting to happen.’

The phrase health and safety is in frequent use and a proper risk assessment might have prevented the Bradford tragedy. Fire risk assessment is a valuable tool that protects people’s lives.

A Fire Risk Assessment Protects Everyone

Changes to the law in 2006 mean that all buildings where the public have access, these include the workplace, are the responsibility of their owners and managers in order to safeguard against danger from fire. An independent firm, who won’t try to sell you any equipment, should always carry out a fire risk assessment. This means that you can rest assured that you’re getting the best impartial service.

Tough Penalties

Any company that doesn’t carry out a fire risk assessment risks penalties or even prison. This is the law.

You should nominate a fire safety officer who’ll be able to identify and label all fire exits, as well as check fire extinguishers and alarms. The fire safety officer also has a responsibility to ensure that the needs of the disabled are catered for in the event of a fire. A fire safety plan should also be in place.

A company or building owner who doesn’t have evidence of a recent fire risk assessment is liable to receive a fire safety notice from the local fire and safety authorities. Fines and imprisonment could follow if a company continues to disregard the fire safety notice.