A family who survived a blaze after their home and lives were put at risk by a car fire, have told the public about the importance of safety measures such as smoke alarms.

According to rochdaleonline.co.uk, on the 30th of June mother of two Katie Bartle and her partner Andrew Rattigan were alerted of a fire when their smoke alarms went off. Ms Bartle noticed that her car had been set alight but her and her family couldn’t escape the fire because their exit was blocked.

Luckily, Ms Bartle remembered the Home Safety Check (HSC) given to her by firefighters previously, so she was able to safely escort her children, Millie (four) and Maisie (two), into a bedroom away from the fire where she then called the fire brigade.

The family were left unharmed but they have thanked the crew and highlighted the importance of smoke alarms and Home Safety Checks. It may also prompt others to have a HSC or fire risk assessment in their home or business.

Ms Bartle said: “We were terrified but I remember what firefighters told me when I had a Home Safety Check a couple of years ago. They told me everything we needed to know to stay safe and things you should do if you have a fire. I can’t thank the firefighters enough, and also Dave in control who really reassured me when I rang 999 – he even stayed on the phone until firefighters arrived,” reports manchestereveningnews.co.uk.