Since the Regulatory Reform Order of 2005, it’s a legal requirement that your staff have basic fire safety training. However, if you’re a larger employer, are you aware of the importance of having dedicated fire marshals amongst your team?

What is a Fire Marshal?

A fire marshal is a nominated member of staff that has been trained to a higher level of fire safety knowledge than their colleagues. A fire marshal’s main job within your team is to ensure that fire evacuations are safe, fast and efficient. During a regular work day, they undertake vital fire prevention checks and help to test the safety equipment around the building.

Fire Marshal Duties

A fire marshal’s main duty is towards fire prevention: Daily checks ensure that fire equipment is correctly positioned, and that extinguishers are tested and ready for use. In addition, a fire marshal checks that access ways are clear, and that fire doors are secure.

As well as daily checks, a fire marshal will then organise the testing of fire alarms and smoke detectors, and take a central role during evacuation drills. If a genuine fire outbreak does occur, a fire marshal would ensure that fire doors and windows are shut, and gas has been isolated. Once the staff are safely evacuated, the marshal would take a register of employee’s names.

Take Fire Training Seriously

If this level of training and efficiency seems lacking in your office building or shop floor, then you need to properly train yourself and your staff for a fire emergency. Get in touch with Source Fire today and arrange a training course.