Fire hazardsAt work or in your home, making yourself aware of the potential fire hazards in your surroundings is a precaution that could save your life or someone else’s.


Fire hazards can come in many different shapes and sizes. Source Fire Risk Management can help you conduct a formal fire risk assessment, which all business premises in the UK are required to do. A fire risk assessment will identify any fire hazards that exist on the premises, helping you comply with safety legislation.

To help you streamline the process of identifying any fire risks on your premises, be on the lookout for obvious hazards first, such as portable heaters, cooking equipment, flammable items such as wood, paper or liquids like turpentine or exposed electrical fittings. Also try to ensure that no exit routes are obstructed as in the event of an emergency evacuation, all access points to the building need to be accessible to the building’s occupants.

Put a fire safety plan in place and ensure that you and the occupants of your building carry out practice runs so that in the event of a real fire, everyone knows what to do and where they should be.

Knowing your fire hazards can save lives. To find out more about a tailor-made evacuation plans, fire risk assessment, fire safety training and any other fire safety resources you may need, visit Source Fire or call Source Fire Risk Management on 0203 478 7347.