Technology can sometimes be a double-edged sword, allowing us to work more efficiently and make everyday living less arduous, but the use of electrical equipment also brings with it great risks that we must do our best to minimise. While the last few years have seen a fall in the number of fires caused by chip pans or discarded cigarette butts, there has been a big increase in the number of fires caused by electrical equipment.

Awareness and prevention

Technology can be a time bomb, if action is not taken to remove many of its inherent risks, especially those that can develop after long periods of use. Being aware of these risks, such as not making use of unofficial chargers and making sure there is a British/European safety mark on the equipment, can help people to use technology more safely. In the workplace, employees also need to be educated on how to use electrical equipment safely.

It is also essential to have fire safety measures already in place, including teaching employees about fire signage categories, appointing a trained fire warden and having regular fire risk assessments carried out by trained professionals from Source Fire. These measures can help to minimise the chances of a fire happening – and, if the worst should happen, will ensure that people will be able to make an easy exit from the premises.

Safety mistakes

Common mistakes made by people concerning electrical equipment include using the top of a microwave as an extra surface and blocking air vents, leaving tumble dryers running overnight or unattended, and overloading electrical sockets. Contact Source Fire today for more information on fire risk assessments.