CaravanAs the weather warms up, many of us will soon be back to enjoying caravans, a great British recreation. However, by their very nature, caravans can pose more of a fire risk than our homes do. They are small, cramped, enclosed spaces, which are often not very well ventilated and may be cluttered – factor in a slightly more careless holiday frame of mind, and the risks are sure to increase.

Alarms and Extinguishers

Make sure your caravan has a fire extinguisher, preferably located near the exit. A dry powder extinguisher will cope with most small fires.

An optical smoke alarm is also important. If you don’t use the caravan out of season, check the alarm before you set off. If you’re away for long periods of time, check it every week.

A carbon monoxide detector is also recommended for a caravan, as toxic gases can quickly prove fatal in such a small space.

Fire Safety Tips

Where possible, leave a good 6m or so distance between your caravan and any others; this will help to minimise the risk of fire spreading. Get to know where the fire equipment on the camp site is kept.

Make sure that your exit routes are kept clear at all times, especially at night, and not blocked by clutter. Keep door and window keys in an easily accessible place, and take care not to accidentally block air vents.

Take extra care when cooking in a confined space, especially if you have children in the caravan, and ensure that all appliances are switched off over night.

Nobody wants to think about the worst while on holiday, but a few common sense precautions will help to keep you safely enjoying your caravan for years to come.