The recent news that the cause of the 2013 Ethiopian Airways 787 Heathrow fire was as a result of a short circuit, highlights the importance of carrying out regular electrical checks on all wiring.

Never Take Short Cuts with Electricity

It’s well known that a badly wired house or office can cause a fire. The circuit shorts, a spark is created and if a fail-safe trip isn’t in place a dangerous fire can break out. In order to cut down on the dangers of fire as a result of electricity, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau has a checklist that you should follow if you’re in any doubt about the safety of your electrical appliances. The list includes the following tips:

  • Always use the correct fuse strength for your appliances
  • Check your cables to ensure they’re covered
  • Replace frayed or damaged cables
  • Look out for signs of dangerous wiring
  • Never overload a plug socket
  • Bar adaptors are safer than block adaptors

Call in the Professionals

If you’re in any doubt about the safety of your domestic wiring or any other aspects of electricity in the home, then you should always contact a professional electrician. It’s important that the electrician is on the Registered Competent Person Electrical list. This means that they are licensed to carry out your work and have all of the relevant qualifications.

Electricity should always be taken seriously, whether it’s the wiring on an aeroplane, or the fuse box in your home. You run the risk of fire if you don’t always check the installation of electrical wiring and appliances and the safety of your premises.

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