Around 50 firefighters and seven fire engines were called to tackle a fire at a bottle factory in South Yorkshire at 10:30pm on Sunday (15th of September), reports

According to, it took until 1.10pm yesterday (16th of September) to put the blaze out at Ardagh Glass, which makes bottles for some of the biggest drinks brands in the world in Monk Bretton, Barnsley.

Firefighters had to contend with more than just flames, there was molten glass to deal with too, as it is thought that a fault in one of the furnaces caused molten glass to leak out. An electrical switch room caught fire as a result of the leak and firefighters had to fight the flames all night.

Businesses who are concerned that such an incident might happen at their property, might want to consider having a fire risk assessment done, as it could prevent a fire breaking out and save the building from serious damage.

A spokesperson for the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said that no one was hurt in the fire and no one was evacuated.

It is likely an investigation into the cause of the fire will take place sometime soon now that the fire is out.