When appraising your fire alarm system and the levels of risks associated with a fire breaking out at your premises it is important to consider whether or not the history of false alarms is important or not.

If there is a history of many false alarms at your premises it can have a massive impact on the effectiveness of fire safety procedures overall, whether your premises are residential or commercial, and it could point to a larger problem in the form of mismanagement of fire safety.

For a building where the fire alarms go off routinely and there is never an actual fire it becomes human nature to just ignore the sounds and carry on about your business until you see smoke or flames, or hear shouts and screams from other people. A fully working fire alarm system that only goes off when needed will ensure everyone is on full alert when it sounds.

Other than that a history of false fire alarms might indicate that there is an issue with the design of the alarm itself, or it might be the case that there is a requirement for staff alarms in buildings where there are a high number of smoke detectors and a desire for a higher level of training to ensure alarms are only sounded when absolutely necessary.

Source Fire offers expert fire safety and risk assessments for a wide range of commercial and residential properties. If you would like us to provide an in-depth review of your policies and procedures relating to fire safety, including your fire alarm systems and their history of usage, give us a call today. Fire safety should never be taken for granted.