Firefighters from Humberside Fire and Rescue Service tackled a significant fire at a plastic manufacturing plant that sent toxic fumes over the east of Hull, yesterday morning

The fire broke out in the open, and had little effect on the actual manufacturing plant, according to Plastics & Rubber Weekly.

However amateur video shows a wind turbine caught in the blaze, which was apparently left severely blackened.

Water was pumped from the River Hull to control the blaze, with flames reaching 30-40m at times.

Fire crews were able to use protective water sprays to prevent the premises of JKN Polymers from being destroyed.

Speaking to the BBC, Richard Hannigan, chief fire officer said: “We’ve got the situation well and truly under control. Four appliances are at the scene damping down.”

“We’re now into the investigation phase of the incident to try and discover the cause of the fire. We want to prevent this happening again.”

Suggestion have been made that this may not have been an accident and could in fact turn out to be as a result of an arson attack. A fire risk assessment may have been able to identify and prevent the arson attack in the first instance.