Fire image For the most part, in our daily lives, fire safety is not something that crosses our minds. This is largely because In the UK, any  premises upon which people are working is required to carry out a fire risk assessment that determines any possible fire  hazards that may arise in the short or long-term.

If any hazards are discovered, you are required to act on them, which ultimately assures safety for you and your employees. If that sounds like a lot of administration and paperwork to do, don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be. If you’re a business owner or manager, getting a fire risk assessment completed on your premises needn’t be a painful or time-consuming process.

Using a reputable company that employs qualified assessors can streamline the process and minimise the red tape. Assessors from Source Fire will conduct a thorough assessment with a minimum of fuss, taking into account the design, age and condition of the premises, a comprehensive look at the people at risk, fire escape routes and a number of other practical factors.

Source Fire’s experts operate independently and guarantee a comprehensive fire risk assessment that won’t cost you a fortune and will save you time. As independent contractors, assessors provide objective advice and will ultimately make sure that you can rest easy knowing that your employees, friends, family or anyone else who enters your building are safe.

To find out more about making sure that you’re “Fire Safe”, visit Source Fire or call Source-Fire on 0203 478 7347.