Save Lives With Evacuation Plans

Anyone who attended school is familiar with the fire drills. As children, many of us were thrilled at the idea of getting out of class for a bit, and thankfully, most of us never got to experience a real evacuation due to an actual crisis. We went through these drills, primarily so that we were aware of exactly where to exit the building in the event of a fire.

Practice Makes Perfect

A structured evacuation plan that has been implemented and practiced greatly minimises the risk of any injuries or fatalities should fire occur, which is why it’s important to put it into practice, not only at schools, but at any building with several exits and a number of people working, living or simply visiting its premises.

Cafe evacuation plan

Choosing the Right Plan

You could save lives by having a proper evacuation plan designed for your building. The right plan will ensure that fire evacuation plans are created specifically with your building’s unique characteristics in mind, ensuring that should the need for evacuation arise, everyone will be aware of the correct routes to take to get out of the building. Having a formal evacuation plan in place is not only a practical solution, it is also likely to minimise panic, as clearly allocated exits will be accessible at all times.

Source Fire Risk Management employs a team of professionals that can help you put life-saving plans into place in the event of a fire. To find out more about a tailor-made evacuation plan, visit Source Fire or call Source Fire Risk Management on 0203 478 7347.